Let's make energy work for us

The METER study seeks to understand our uses and enjoyment of electricity. The recent lockdown measures have affected many aspects of energy use. Your participation can help us to learn from these changes. You can support this research by recording your everyday activities.

Why it matters

What happens next

1) Survey

The button above takes you to a survey with some general questions about your household.


2) Get the JoyMeter app

Download the JoyMeter app to record activities

activity recorder

3) Record your activities


To record having a cup of tea, you select: Home - Food/Drink - Hot drink. Simple.

A few tips

1) We recommend you stick with it for one day - more is always welcome, but don't let it be a burden

2) You can report as much or as little as you like. Aim to report about 25 activities, including meals, travel and housework

3) It is much harder to record retrospectively. Best to do it at the time.

4) Don't worry whether it is a typical day - every day counts

Using the app

Under MENU, please register for the study. It's quick and helps us analyse your data.

Play around to find out where things are. You can always go BACK or HOME

To make changes to an activity, tap it, then rename it or change the time.

Optionally, the end of an activity can be recorded with "END"

If you feel an activity is missing, create your own.
My custom List - Create new - write your own (e.g. Knitting) - and assign it to a custom button for future use