Low Carbon West Oxford

Welcome to the Osney Challenge

We invite all residents of Osney island to take part in the 2019 Osney Energy Challenge.

Join the study at JoyMeter.uk

Here is what will happen

You get a pack with an activity and an electricity recorder. attach the eMeter

The electricity recorder attaches under your mains meter - it is very simple to clip on.

Activity recorder For two days you note your main activities with the app. This, too, is a very simple process. When you are done, you can drop the recorders in the West Oxford Community Centre and we will email you your interactive load profile.

Load profile

The fun part

On one of those two days we will ask you to try to use less electricity between 5pm and 7pm. The street that collectively reduces their electricity use the most will win the Osney Power Trophy.


The Osney Power Trophy

for the street that collectively reduces their demand the most between 5pm and 7pm

The Sufficiency Certificate

for the street that uses least electricity

The Activity Award

for the household with the best activity record

The Participants Prize

for the street with the highest share of participants - so do encourage your neighbours to take part

Join the study at JoyMeter.uk

Why it matters