Mar 2021 - Study

Phil's skills

Bubble graph of skills by passion and experience

What have I learned? A playful graph of my skills and passions, created to help me identify next steps.

Jan 2021 - Study, Publication

Learning to predict peak demand

Graphical abstract with illustrations of the research methods

Clustering load profiles is tricky. Even 'similar' high-resolution use patterns have little overlap, if they are slightly shifted in time. This paper applies a novel clustering approach for cumulative load profiles. Random forests walks identify explanatory variables for high peak time demand using our activity data.

Feb 2021 - Study

Activity categorisation

Sankey diagram of activities

Participants can report over 200 different activities. Here is a Sankey diagram to show how we categorise activities into larger and smaller subgroups.

Nov 2020 - Study, Publication

Lockdown in winter - The Conversation

Cover image of The Conversation

The timing of he first lockdown was fortunate. The heating season had just ended and the weather was lovely. A winter lockdown brings new challenges for energy.

Oct 2020 - Study, Result

Power Explorer

Explore the electricity use patterns of UK households. Which has the greater impact on demand: children or dogs? Power explorer. Graph showing the electricity use profile for a 24 hour period

Aug 2020 - Study, Result, Publication
Energy and Gender bargraph for housework

The gender divide in energy

Many energy models assume that women are responsible for more energy use than men. They do more housework after all. Our data challenges this assumption. While women do indeed report a higher number of household chores, their electricity demand appears to be lower. Find out what they do differently in this open access publication.

July 2020 - Study

Example of a household profile

Electricity profile for a household

We created a new and simplified version of the household profile for participants. This one is suitable for mobile phones as well. We also added a feature to download your personal data as a csv file for your personal use. Here is a sample

15 May 2020 - Study, Result
Joju blog

The lockdown blog - early findings

Read how energy and activities have been affected by the lockdown in our guest blog at Joju Solar.

May 2019 - Study

Chat with Oxford Sparks

Oxford Sparks communicate Oxford Science to the wider public. Here we talk to them about our work on energy use during the lockdown. YouTube

13 May 2020 - Study, Result
Lockdown rhythm

Changing rhythm

This is how lockdown affects the electricity grid. What used to be a regular weekly pattern (high demand during weekdays, low at weekends) has broken down. Variability is a challenge for system operators and forecasting demand is just as important as forecasting renewable generation.

12 May 2020 - Study, Result
Frequency and enjoyment change

Gardening and recreation increase enjoyment

Since the lockdown started we see more reporting of screentime, gardening and hot drinks. Washing/showers, work and (surprisingly) reading are down. Perhaps we should read more, given that it appears even more enjoyable, especially compared to screentime.

May 2020 - Study, Result
Lockdown rhythm

Response to COVID-19 lockdown

The activity patters we observe have changed dramatically. On average the day starts an hour later, more activities are reported in the morning and significantly fewer during the peak demand period in the early evening. This may have profound impacts on the timing energy use.

May 2020 - Study, Result
Lockdown demand

Reduction in demand

UK electricity demand has fallen. In a historic context this reduction is roughly equivalent to the last 6 years worth of energy savings. Thanks to sunny and windy weather, the emissions of our energy use are among the lowest we have ever seen. How much of this reduction can be sustained into the future?

Apr 2020 - Study, Result
How are you coping

How are we coping?

For some the lockdown is easy to cope with, others face serious difficulties. Help us understand these unusual times and learn about potential long term effects at

April 2020 - Study, Result

Oriel News

A short article about the opportunities arising for energy research under lockdown.

Mar 2020 - Study
Activity change

Lockdown changes energy use

We continue to collect data during the lockdown. While national demand is at a record low, some households will see their bills go up.

Feb 2020 - Study

Visit to Stanford

Phil visited Hilary, June, Chad and many others of our collaborators at Stanford. It is great to see our tools in use in America.

Sep 2019 - Study

Osney reduce by 18%

Osney profile

Osney island excelled in our energy challenge. When asked to reduce demand between 5pm and 7pm, they achieved a record 18%!

March 2019 - Study


German Meter

METER launches in Germany. The University of M√ľnster has developed their own electricity recorder and now uses the Meter App in German. We are excited to see how UK and German demand compare...

February 2019 - Study

2019 Winner


Luiza joins Finlay and Penny as winner of a year free electricity. You can win by taking part.

January 2019 - Study

Get the App


Our activity recorder is now available for anyone as JoyMeter

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December 2018 - Study Results

Tea or supper?

Tea for supper

When we ask people to use less electricity in the evening, they cut down on hot meals and have a cup of tea instead.

October 2018 - Study Results

16% demand reduction

Demand reduction

We can get a 16% reduction in electricity use, just by asking.

September 2018 - Study Results

The happiest activities

Read, Sleep, Socialise

Among the most enjoyable activities are sleeping, reading and socialising. These also use very little electricity.

August 2018 - Study

West Oxford Street challenge winner

Riverside Road

Riverside and Oatlands Road have won the West Oxford challenge by reducing their demand the most between 5 and 7pm.

July 2018 - Study

Innovation Award

VC Award

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Prof Louise Richardson, awarded Meter a high commendation in her Innovation Awards for our "Interdisciplinary study of energy use and activities". The overall winner is literally saving lives with Smart Handpumps

January 2018 - Study

2018 Winner


Finlay wins a year free electricity. Congratulations!

Oct 2017 - Study

Aven joins the Meter team


With Aven we gain an expert in machine learning, who will help us find patterns in our activities and electricity use

Jun 2017 - Study Results

Data Gallery


Explore Meter Data

Apr 2017 - Study Results

Meter Reading

Meter Reading

We reached 16 million electricity readings (4500 hours worth) and our participants have recorded nearly 6000 activities. Read our Meter Reading

Mar 2017 - Results

Browse the data

Household profiles

Explore household profiles

Jan 2017 - Study

No more paperwork

Diary App

The new app is now in use to make recording activities easy and fun.

December 2016 - Study

We have a winner


Penny W. from London has won one year free electricity. Sign up now for a chance to win yours.

November 2016 - Study

Data Scientist appointed


Marina Diakonova has joined the Meter project. Her background in complexity science will help us in analysing the relationships between activities and electricity profiles.

September 2016 - Study Results

Meter Reading

Meter Reading

Over 6 million electricity readings and the first 1000 activities have been collected. Read more

August 2016 - Study

Jessica turn diaries to data

Jessica has been a great help this summer coding up diaries and improving the app

July 2016 - Study

Adriano optimises our devices

Adriano made some great advances in how we configure our the devices we send to you

May 2016 - Study
Power People

Power People Animation

This delightful animation explains why understanding our energy use matters for cheaper, safer and cleaner energy.

April 2016 - Study
new eMeter

Win a year free electricity

Lucky participants now have the chance to get their electricity paid for a year. Find out how

February 2016 - Study
new eMeter

Beautiful new eMeters

The new eMeters are ready! Much nicer and smaller design - with simple instructions for how to fit them to your electricity meter.

January 2016
Energy and Climate Change Select Committee

Select Committee

Dr Grunewald gives evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee hearing on Low carbon network infrastructure.
See evidence session.

Expert Workshop December 2015

Expert workshop

30 leading UK experts meet in Oxford to give advice on METER research.

Read key messages