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Jan 2021 - Study, Publication

Learning to predict peak demand

Graphical abstract with illustrations of the research methods

Clustering load profiles is tricky. Even 'similar' high-resolution use patterns have little overlap, if they are slightly shifted in time. This paper applies a novel clustering approach for cumulative load profiles. Random forests walks identify explanatory variables for high peak time demand using our activity data.

Nov 2020 - Study, Publication

Lockdown in winter - The Conversation

Cover image of The Conversation

The timing of he first lockdown was fortunate. The heating season had just ended and the weather was lovely. A winter lockdown brings new challenges for energy.

Aug 2020 - Study, Result, Publication
Energy and Gender bargraph for housework

The gender divide in energy

Many energy models assume that women are responsible for more energy use than men. They do more housework after all. Our data challenges this assumption. While women do indeed report a higher number of household chores, their electricity demand appears to be lower. Find out what they do differently in this open access publication.

June 2020 - Result, Publication
Trust Gap

The Trust Gap

Less than half of UK citizens are happy to share location data for better heating control, and only 20% want to share it with their energy utility company. Smart solutions require more trust. Energy Research & Social Science.

Dec 2019 - Results Publications
Energy and Behaviour

Energy and Behaviour

Our findings about enjoyment and electricity use are now available in book form. See the chapter 3.1.

Nov 2019 - Publications
Grid Edge White Paper

The Grid Edge Revolution

A white paper about the transition from centralised systems to one with lots of Ds: decarbonised, decentralised, digitised, democratised, and decoupled energy use and services. Get the White Paper.

Oct 2019 - Results Publications
Specific contribution of activities paper

Keep calm and have a cuppa

This paper uses regression techniques to pinpoint which activities cause most electricity demand. Here is a surprise: even though having a cup of tea requires energy, having a hot drink slows us down enough to result in a net reduction during that hour. Next time we face a blackout, have a tea and read the paper (Open access).

July 2019 - Results Publications
UK Data Service

Data available for research

A record of Meter data and documentation is kept by the UK Data Service. DOI: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-8475-1

June 2019 - Publications

BBC Radio Wales

Breakfast radio interview on the Climate Emergency - includes some good news, too.

May 2019 - Results Publications

The (social) value of flexibility

Talk at the 2019 UKERC conference about some of our findings on YouTube

April 2019 - Results Publications

Machine learning from daily life

Springer Energy Efficiency

Daily life and demand - using regression techniques to understand which activities best explain our demand for different times of day. Energy Efficiency

July 2018 - Publications

Protecting data privacy is key to a smart energy future


A collaboration with Carissa from Philosophy (!). We spell out why trust is crucial for data sensitive approaches. Read more

June 2018 - Results Publications

The footprint of household activities


One cannot simply assume that certain activities lead to higher electricity use. Read why

May 2018 - Results Publications

Daily life and demand


Dwelling and appliance variables can explain 46% of average electricity use. Can we do better? Read the paper

February 2018 - Results Publications

Flexibility, dynamism and diversity in energy supply and demand


How can we be more flexible (and why do we need to)? Read the paper

July 2017 - Publications

Reaching a 1.5C target

Activity diagram

Socio-technical challenges for a rapid transition to low carbon electricity system. Read the paper

May 2017 - Results Publications

Activity data published

Activity diagram

Activity data presented at ECEEE conference in France

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