How it works

1) We send you a parcel


2) Clip the electricity recorder under your meter

attach the eMeter

3) Record your activities for one day

activity recorder

4) Return the parcel in the free pre-paid envelop - that's it.


You get your personal profile and help research on important energy questions.

Your chance to win

Terms and conditions

  • You must register before 31 May 2020 in order to be entered into the draw
  • The prize will be a cash amount paid via BACS and is based on the value of your electricity bill for the past twelve months from the date of notification (excluding any charges related to non-supply)
  • In order to claim your prize you must provide an electricity bill in your name and supplying the domestic address you registered for this study
  • You must provide a UK bank account in your name in order to claim the prize
  • University of Oxford staff are excluded from entering the competition
  • You do not have to complete the study to be entered into the draw
  • The maximum amount that can be won is strictly limited to £1000 regardless of the total value of your bill
  • The University of Oxford reserve the right to withdraw the competition at no notice and alter the terms

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