Meter Data

Meter data is available from UK Data Service (DOI: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-8634-1). Alternatively, you can email to obtain an access code, provided you comply with the following rules:

  • Only use the data for research purposes (no commercial use)
  • Do not, or even attempt to, identify individuals (including by linking with other data)
  • Do not share without Meter's permission
  • Please cite DOI 10.5255/UKDA-SN-8634-1

Data documentation


To take full advantage of these data, we recommend careful study of the documentation for use and limitations.

Example of a household profile

Electricity profile for a household

Participants receive an interactive profile like this to explore activities in relation to their electricity use at the time.

Activity categorisation

Sankey diagram of activities

A Sankey diagram to show how we categorise activities into larger and smaller subgroups

Download database


Access all data, including 10 minute electricity readings, household/individual surveys and activity records. Data is stored as relational SQL database. See documentation for help. 28MB


1 minute electricity readings

Electricity readings with 1 minute resolution. 27MB


Source code

Our software is open source. You can access the code for the app and many other resources on GitHub