Osney reduce by 18%

Sep 2019 - Study

Osney island excelled in our energy challenge. When asked to reduce demand between 5pm and 7pm, they achieved a record 18%!

Data available for research

July 2019

A record of Meter data and documentation is kept by the UK Data Service.

Access the data

BBC Radio Wales

June 2019

Breakfast radio interview on the Climate Emergency - includes some good news, too.

The (social) value of flexibility

May 2019

Talk at the 2019 UKERC conference about some of our findings on YouTube

Machine learning from daily life

April 2019

Daily life and demand - using regression techniques to understand which activities best explain our demand for different times of day. Energy Efficiency


March 2019

METER launches in Germany. The University of M√ľnster has developed their own electricity recorder and now uses the Meter App in German. We are excited to see how UK and German demand compare...

Free energy winner

February 2019

Luiza is the latest winner of a year free electricity. Each participant is in with a chance.

JoyMeter diary released as mobile app

January 2019 - Study

Our activity recorder is now available for anyone at JoyMeter.uk

Tea or supper?

December 2018

When we ask people to use less electricity in the evening, they cut down on hot meals and have a cup of tea instead.

16% demand reduction

October 2018

We achieved a 16% reduction in electricity use, just by asking.

The happiest activities

September 2018

Among the most enjoyable activities are sleeping, reading and socialising. These also happen to require little electricity - good news.

West Oxford Street challenge winner

August 2018

Riverside and Oatlands Road have won the West Oxford challenge by reducing their demand the most between 5 and 7pm.

July 2018

Protecting data privacy is key to a smart energy future

A collaboration with Carissa from Philosophy (!). We spell out why trust is crucial for data sensitive approaches. Read more

Innovation Award

July 2018

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Prof Louise Richardson, awarded Meter a high commendation in her Innovation Awards for our "Interdisciplinary study of energy use and activities". The overall winner is literally saving lives with Smart Handpumps

The footprint of household activities

June 2018

One cannot simply assume that certain activities lead to higher electricity use. Read why

Daily life and demand

May 2018

Dwelling and appliance variables can explain 46% of average electricity use. Can we do better? Read the paper

Flexibility, dynamism and diversity in energy supply and demand

February 2018

How can we be more flexible (and why do we need to be)? Read the paper

Another winner

January 2018

Finlay wins a year free electricity, just for taking part. Congratulations!

Aven joins the Meter team

Oct 2017

Rhodes scholar Aven joins the team as a DPhil student. With him we gain an expert in machine learning, who will help us find patterns in our activities and electricity use.

Activity data published

May 2017

Activity data presented at ECEEE conference in France

Meter Reading #3

Apr 2017

We reached 16 million electricity readings (4500 hours worth) and our participants have recorded nearly 6000 activities.

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No more paperwork

Jan 2017

The new app is now in use to make recording activities easy and fun.

We have a winner

December 2016

Penny from London is the first winner of a year free electricity.

Data Scientist appointed

September 2016

Dr Marina Diakonova has joined the Meter project. Her background in complexity science will help us in analysing the relationships between activities and electricity profiles.

Meter Reading #2

August 2016

Over 6 million electricity readings and the first 1000 activities have been collected.

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Jessica turn diaries to data

July 2016

Jessica has been a great help this summer coding up diaries and improving the app

Adriano optimises our devices

May 2016

Adriano joined us as an intern and made some great advances in how we configure our the devices we send to Meter participants

Meter project animated

April 2016 - Study

This delightful animation explains why understanding our energy use matters for cheaper, safer and cleaner energy.

Meter participants can win a year free electricity

February 2016 - Study

Lucky participants now have the chance to get their electricity paid for a year.

Beautiful new eMeters

January 2016

The new eMeters are ready! Much nicer and smaller design - with simple instructions for how to fit them to your electricity meter.